Case studies

Kanary gifts

About client – It is a Dubai based client dealing in luxury items such as watches, handbags, perfumes etc.

Goal: To improve conversion rate and scale revenue by 2x in one quarter.


  • We observed the client is not doing anything related to remarketing. We implemented dynamic remarketing on google channel
  • Dynamic product ads (DPA) – We linked the facebook account to the website feed and started DPA campaigns.
  • Shopping campaigns on Google – Shopping campaigns were not allowed in UAE till early
  • 2017. But Google allowed the same recently. We got first movers advantage by launching shopping campaigns.
  • Product selection – We shortlisted products from the whole catalogue that are more likely to sell using “Buy-to-detail-rate” analysis.


  • Revenue improved by 2.5x in two months
  • Conv rate improved from 0.48% to 0.76% (58% improvement)


About client – It is a bangalore based curated marketplace for handpicked products.

Goal: To reduce cost per transaction by 15% quarter on quarter on both facebook and google channels.

Challenge: Campaigns were highly stable and were already doing pretty good.


  • AdWords – We implemented differential bidding strategy for shopping campaigns
  • Adwords – Added exact match search terms in very high volume
  • Facebook – Tested various audience personas to find the most cost effective segment.


  • Cost per conversion improved by 21% on google channel
  • Conversion cost improved by 12% on facebook channel